Boss Is Super Strong, But A Coward

Type: ONA

Plot Summary: Protagonist who traveled through another world turned into a skeleton solider. The male protagonist is a novice. The hero is full of protagonist halo and various buffs. Protagonist aura , max critical damage, hyper luck! Amazing! Hero OS: Master looks at me so terrifyingly! Is he going to eat me!! Great Demon King OS: Hero!! Go away! Don’t beat me up!

Genre: Action , Drama , Fantasy , Shounen

Released: 2023

Status: Ongoing

Other name: Boss Chao Qiang; Dan Song De Yao Si; Boss Is Super Strong; But A Coward; Boss Chāo Qiáng; Dàn Sǒng De Yāo Sǐ; Boss超强,但怂的要死; Super Strong Boss With the Fear of Death; Strong And Timid Boss

Boss Is Super Strong, But A Coward