Xin Shen Bang: Yang Jian (Dub)

Type: Movie

Plot Summary: Thirteen years after Yang Jian (known to some as Erlang Shen) imprisoned his sister beneath a mountain, the once powerful god now scrapes by as a penniless bounty hunter. When a mysterious woman hires him for a new job, Yang Jian soon finds himself chasing down a familiar figure. He must stop Chenxiang, his long-lost nephew, who is in search of the magical lotus lantern that will free his mother, even if it will bring catastrophe. As Yang Jian confronts the actions of his past, he must face a host of dangerous vigilantes seeking the same treasure with the power to alter the balance of their worlds.

Genre: Action , Adventure , Fantasy

Released: 2022


Other name: New Gods: Yang Jian; 新神榜:杨戬

Xin Shen Bang: Yang Jian (Dub)